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A Self Service Dog Wash Serving Albuquerque’s Westside & Rio Rancho

Tired of the mess you and your dog leave behind after a bath at home? Let us save you from the chaos and inconvenience that typically accompany home dog bathing with our self-service dog washing stations.

Puddles self-service dog wash makes it easy to wash your dog, even if your dog isn’t a fan of baths. Our large stations have ramps to make it easy for big dogs to get in and out and flexible sprayers to rinse hard-to-reach places. Got a lot of dog to wash? No worries – our hot water supply is endless.

Our dog grooming supplies give you a selection of shampoos to choose from, plus fluffy towels, brushes, and industrial-grade blow dryers to leave your dog’s coat clean, fresh, and shiny. When you’re done, leave the cleanup to us!

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Self Service Wash Details
Self Service Wash Details
Self Service Wash Details
Find out more about our Self Service Dog Wash including pricing, details and more!
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Bubble Soak Therapy
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Our Therapy Skin Bath Spas help with allergies including arthritis and excessive itching. Find out more!
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Get In Touch With Us
Get In Touch With Us
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Why Use a Self-Service Dog Wash?

Maintaining a dog’s hygiene is an essential piece of dog ownership that can keep your precious pup healthy, happy, and clean. For many pet parents living in and around Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, relying on our professional dog groomers here at Puddles Dog Wash to keep up with their dog’s grooming needs is a better option for many reasons, such as:

  • They have busy schedules and time constraints
  • They do not have enough dog grooming experience
  • They do not feel comfortable grooming their dogs themselves
  • They own multiple pets who require grooming
  • They own long-haired dog breeds
  • Medical conditions or injuries limit their movement and ability to bathe their dog
  • They have limited grooming space in their home and yard
  • It is easier than washing their dog in the bathtub or using an outdoor hose

While there are many excellent reasons to bring your pup in for a professional dog washing and grooming with one of our skilled and experienced bathers, there are many benefits of using our self-service dog wash suites.

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Doggie Etiquette

Below are some helpful tips to consider for pet etiquette to help ensure each dog and dog owner has an enjoyable experience in our dog washing stations.

  • Keep your dog leashed when you bring them in for a dog wash.
  • Utilize the tub tie down to keep your dog and others safe when using the self-serve dog wash suites.
  • Please avoid bringing food into the dog washing stations.
  • Avoid leaving your dog unattended when using the self dog wash suites, or any time.
  • Please be courteous of others by cleaning up after your dog when they do their business. If they have an accident in the dog washing area, that’s okay! Kindly let one of our friendly staff members know right away.

Doggie Checklist

When you bring your puppy pal in for a self-service dog wash at Puddles, here is a checklist you can use when preparing to bring them in for a dog washing.

  • Please make sure your dog is up-to-date on his or her vaccines.
  • For their safety, puppies must be at least 16 weeks old to come in for a self-service dog wash or professional grooming.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting a little damp.
  • Bring a leash for walking your canine companion into our dog grooming facility and dog wash stations.
  • Bring with you any specialized grooming products that your dog requires.
  • Pack a few small training treats to reward your pup during his or her dog washing.
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